Our goal is to provide the most comfortable and personalised environment hence EvoPrime Fitness is "by appointment only" based facility. If you are interested to join us please press on the button "BOOK NOW" in the right top corner. We would be very happy to have you. Whether you chose to work in the group (ISGT) or personal training we will always design your program based on the individual parameters. 


Individualised Small Group Training

We do this little bit differently. ISGT is a unique training model based on categorised customisable programs depended on your movement level, lifestyle & daily readiness. 

The goal of this program is to address individual requirements within a small group environment and improve accountability and motivation.




  • 2 scheduled sessions per week with new program delivered every 5-6 weeks

  • Access to our education (optional)

  • Your own training stainless steel bottle with filtered water

  • Fresh towel for every session

  • Access to our closed educational/informational Facebook page

  • Coaches heart and dedication


Personal Training

At EvoPrime Fitness we seek to provide our members with the most positive, fun, welcoming environment in order to deliver world class training sessions. Semi-Private Training, where our coaches will deliver sessions to up to 2 members at the same time, help to facilitate this environment.

As a member, you will receive your personalised program delivered by one of our expert coaches. In busier times of the day, our coach may also be taking one or two other members through their own personalised programs also at the same time. Semi-Private Training also increases the chances that our members can train at a time that suits them, as our experienced coaches will generally still have availabilities that match the member’s requested times.

Based on the individual appointment