We understand that life can be quiet busy, which can make taking care of your health much more difficult. If we add the amount of opposing informations available on our finger tips, no wonder your level of frustration is on the edge. These lead to making unhealthy choices, lack of motivation and giving up. How do we know? Because we are humans too. And that's why we are here to help.  

At EvoPrime Fitness we are committed to filtering out all informations and delivering the highest quality health plans based on:

  • your living environment 
  • your individual goals 
  • your time availabilities

We help you to save your time by showing you how to get better result in less time. 


The movement demands in life and sport are specific, yet variable. Our body has to adapt to a strong, powerful and skilled motions which are instinctive and reactive. "Variability" and "dosage" are the keywords to achieving an unbreakable resilient body and well-functioning human being.

The movement strategies we use are based on an understanding that different physical strategies can optimise each system in our body and ultimately our health and how we perform be it at home, in the gym or as an athlete.

We are passionate about empowering you to control your health by addressing movement, healthy eating & stress control and sleep, which lead to sustainable and preventative healthcare. 

For us, it is important to not only show you what to do in the gym but also empower you to implement practical self-care sytrategies in your life outside our doors. Once you understand this you will be well armed to control your own health and we will be always by your side to guide you through that journey.